A Well-Rounded Approach to Wellness

Wellness is more than regular doctor visits. It’s a way of life that makes each day healthier and happier. At Village on the Green, we’ve established a holistic lifestyle supported by experts and resources to make healthy living as easy as possible.

Through our partnership with Masterpiece Living®, a nationally recognized successful aging initiative, our residents find abundant wellness opportunities at their fingertips. Our purposeful programming empowers you to embrace four factors that affect your well-being — intellectual, physical, social and spiritual — rather than just one. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Masterpiece Living takes research-based findings and works with residents to develop a road map for protecting their future health. We begin with a Masterpiece Living review to explore your personal goals. Together, we’ll identify opportunities you can use to make the pursuit of multidimensional wellness a natural part of your everyday life.

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  • Physical: Good nutrition and regular exercise help you build not only muscle and endurance, but also a connection to your body.
  • Intellectual: When you challenge yourself with new skills and experiences, your brain stays sharper.
  • Spiritual: A greater sense of purpose to your actions improves your day-to-day outlook.
  • Social: Close friends save you from more than boredom. Isolation can increase your risk for several serious diseases.

Play a friendly round of bocce ball; catch up with a friend on a refreshing walk; flex your memory during trivia; sit quietly in a place of worship. There are so many ways to contribute to your wellbeing at Village on the Green. We’ve made sure of it. Browse a sample activities calendar to discover what appeals to you.